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Engineered Timber

Posted on April 27, 2016 by Paula Sanchez

What is Engineered timber?

For those of you who do not know much about engineered timber here is a quick explanation.

Our Engineered timber is laminated plywood with a veneer of Oak on top.

Here a picture so you can understand a bit better:


So, what’s a plywood?

Plywood is produced by assembling wood veneers taken from eucalyptus and birch.

Essentially, we bond them together, layer upon layer or  “cross-orienting” with a structural adhesive. By cross orienting the ply layers, it increases the overall strength, suppresses warping while offering just enough flex to let the timber naturally adjust as needed.

How does this make engineered timber better?

  1. This laminated structure disperses strength effectively, resulting in an increase of the strength and stiffness of the engineered timber compared with solid timber from the same resource. Moreover, this laminated structure resists changing ambiance conditions such as moisture and heat. Consequently, the top timber doesn’t move as much.
  2. It lasts longer, and as such, we offer a lifetime structural integrity warranty.
  3. Engineered timber produces less carbon footprint than other materials. This is a measure of how much impact a particular product has in relation to global climate change. Basically, manufacturing timber components uses less energy and also makes a positive contribution to reducing carbon emissions. As a result, less timber is required from hardwood production forests, that increases the carbon taken from the atmosphere.

BASIC SCIENCE HERE!  trees need water + nutrients, light, and CO2 to grow! If we have high CO2 as a result of pollution….MORE trees = less CO2

As eucalypts and birch have an earlier maturity rate than oak, they are harvested with a continual yield and the volume of CO2 absorbed by one plantation is typically unchanged year to year.


The end to end process of timber compared to other flooring option has surprisingly significantly lower CO2 emission rates.

Besides, at Oslek timber flooring we also use the branches of eucalyptus and beech to create the plywood. Always getting the most of a tree!

AND its easier to install, therefore you spend less time and money as the boards are pre-finished, while also being more aesthetically pleasing as you can get a range of colours.

We also specialize in RECYCLED ENGINEERED timber floors, tables and doors!

The timber used are taken from old fences (Geelong) and doors (China) which are then engineered and turn into beautiful pieces of furniture for your house.


In addition, we can customize them for you!