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How to take care of your engineered flooring

Posted on March 3, 2016 by Da Wen Fang

Floor surface clear

One of the most frequently asked questions by our costumers is how to take care of their new engineered flooring to keep the wood surface as good as new forever. As our aim is to provide you with the best timber surface for your flooring, we are very happy to share some tips!

Regular Cleaning of your Timber Flooring

Madera de Roble Europeo, Natural (Raw)

Raw- European Oak

Regular cleaning is necessary in order to keep your engineered flooring in the best conditions. As general care, we advise to use an electrostatic mop or a vacuum with a smooth head for removing the dust. Simple and effective!

For a better result, we recommend using a swivel-type-cleaning pad, a dry electrostatic pad and a wet microfiber pad. It is also recommended to use specific cleaners for engineered flooring (we love Fiddes Floor Surface Cleaner) which help to keep the wooden surface of the flooring clean, to remove any marks and to collect any missed grit. Never use bleach, ammonia or caustic based cleaner.

Fighting the Scratches on your Timber Flooring

Engineered flooring can be refinished adding a new coating if it becomes excessively damaged and scratches and dents become very visible spoiling the clear appearance of the wooden surface. Furniture is one of the enemies of wooden flooring, to prevent scratches it is recommended to use felt feet and protective pads.

Eastern Grey Engineered Timber Flooring Living

Eastern Grey – European Oak

Sun Marks on your Timber Flooring

As we live in a very sunny country, we have to be extremely careful with the intensity of the Sun on our flooring surface. We highly recommend the use of blinds and curtains to prevent fading or discolouration and moving carpets and furniture in order to avoid sun marks on the floor.

If you still feel you need more info about how to take care of your timber flooring, don’t hesitate to contact us or have a look at our Floor Care Instructions.

Following these tips your engineered flooring will keep looking new and amazing for ages!