Our Technology

Our factory is fitted with all the latest German machinery to ensure our floor boards are made perfectly. This also ensures that a full oak log is fully utilised and not wasted.

Not only is engineered timber flooring much more stable than solid flooring, it is also more environmentally friendly. With engineered timber, only the top layer is the desired timber. The remaining timber is made from wasted timber which is made into plywood. Together the plywood is cross-sectioned together and laminated to the top desired timber to stabilise its movement.

With new alternative sanding methods such as wire-brushing, one does not have to worry about the top desired timber wearing out over time. Sanding a floor usually takes away 0.5mm to 1mm of top timber, whereas wire-brushing, by only taking the soft grain out of the top timber, only takes away 0.1mm to 0.2mm off. You can imagine how a 4mm top layer of oak can last you a lifetime as floors are usually repaired, sanded and re-coated every 5 to 7 years.

As raw timber prices keeps going up around the world due to lack of supply and increased demand, our only option is fully utilise new technology to help us cut down less trees down, make more floor boards from existing supply and wastage, and keep exisiting floors last that much longer.