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Why timber flooring is the best choice

Posted on February 10, 2016 by Da Wen Fang


Choosing a floor is never easy, it will be the base of our home. The first question we should ask ourselves while building or redecorating our house is about what kind of surface we would like to step on every morning when we leave our beds to start a new day. Every kind of flooring has its benefits, but there is only one kind that can bring a piece of nature to our homes; I am talking about timber flooring, of course!

“Love nature, stay close to nature.”

With those words Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the best architects of the XX century, encouraged people to use timber to decorate and build their homes. He was a great supporter of the use of timber in the construction and decoration of houses; he valued timber as a construction material, as it is easy to obtain and doesn’t need huge processes or complicated methods of production to emphasize its beauty and qualities.

From an energetic point of view, timber flooring helps to have a more efficient house, because it is a great thermal insulator which will contribute to keep houses warmer; having a timber flooring means letting your kids play on the floor without worrying about them getting cold. Its natural benefits are a must in every modern house, no other flooring can make us feel at home and in touch with nature at the same time.


“If you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life”

As an architect, Frank Lloyd Wright always kept in mind the importance of beauty while building and decorating. The unrepeatable appearance of every single timber board made him choose wood instead of other materials, especially in flooring, where the awesome shapes of the inner lumber can be brought out to give our house a unique outlook.

Timber flooring makes us feel comfortable and warm. To take off your shoes and feel a warm timber flooring underneath is a pleasure that’s only available if you have a timber flooring, don’t you think so?